Our Recruitment model aims to ensure a seamless process from application to online interaction with prospective candidates and introduction and submission to our respective clients.

We provide our clients with a unique placement model that is tailored to suit their business needs. Our recruitment solutions are provided by a team of professionals who are dedicated to building the careers of our candidates and providing our clients with exceptional skilled candidates.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-level service and delivery. Our recruitment team are experts in managing our clients' unique requirements by sourcing only the best of talent. We have refined our processes, submitting quality candidates who have gone through a stringent process of interviews and assessments as well as all verification checks and references checks to meet our client's standards and requirements.

At Exact Network Connections we conduct ourselves in such a manner that we are not only consultants to our Clients but an extension to their companies. We value our candidates and our Motto is always
"How can we make you more successful".

Exact Network Connections has an excellent track record with regard to our innovative specialist Head Hunting Services. We further offer specialised tailor-made services with regard to Permanent, Contract as well as all Temporary Placements, while specialising in the selection and recruitment of people living with disabilities. Our client requirements are global, with extensive services offerings in Africa - nationally, as well as in Sub-Saharan Africa. With regard to contract and temporary placements, we administer the full Payroll requirements on behalf of our clients.

Exact Network Connections specialises in all Operational, Financial, Legal, Information Technology, Logistical and Administrative business domains across all business sectors and we pride ourselves in our diverse, extensive database. Our reputation in the market is to source niche and scarce skills with fast paced turnover times. We are leaders in our field continuously attracting highly skilled and diverse talent.

We endeavour to provide our Clients with a complete staffing solution, ensuring that the process from the selection to the appointment of a suitable resource/candidate is timely, so that our Client's business continuity is uninterrupted.

Overview of Our Market and Product

Exact Network Connections continuously strives to secure a position of leadership in the various Business Sectors/Industries by building long-term sustainable relationships between our Clients and our Resources/Candidates.  Exact Network Connections has always built strong relationships on an individual basis with our clients and we pride ourselves on our on-going personalised one-on-one interaction.

Our services are extended across all business sectors with a specialised team onboard servicing specific Industries. Our client requirements are National and Continental.

We are committed to contribute meaningfully to the empowerment of all South African citizens, focusing on real empowerment according to the broad-based approach.

We are constantly working towards the following principles:

  • The supply of 'understated over-performance';
  • The delivery of a quality service in the manner prescribed by our clients;
  • Providing our clients with a well-informed, effective service;
  • Being accessible to our clients at all times;
  • Promoting a relationship of mutual trust with our clients;
  • Maintaining high ethical standards;
  • Identifying innovative ways in which to supply an improved service and self-educating ourselves and our staff in order to achieve this;
  • The creation of opportunities through proper marketing;
  • Constantly adapting to meet change

We provide the following services to facilitate the procedure / selection process / progress.

The Identification Process:

  • Sourcing resources and candidates who are qualified, experienced, emotionally mature and professional, with an appreciation for the company's culture;
  • Handling advertising for positions via means of Exact Network Connections' registered recruitment site, as well as a number of registered career sites that we subscribe to, and sometimes calling on our extensive network affiliates in place;
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire on applications;
  • Conducting interviews and short-listing candidates;
  • Performing relevant authentication checks and evaluations on the candidate, such as:
  • Criminal record
  • ITC / Experience
  • Qualification verification
  • ID and residential address authentication
  • Reference checks with previous employers
  • Pre-assessments on each role as required in line with specific skills (Numeracy, literacy, MS Office and various IT packages)  

Recruitment Specialised Services

On receipt of the respective specs Exact Network Connections has a turnaround time of 7 working days for delivery of suitable applications. Exact Network Connections endeavours to provide at least three suitable applications for each position. Each application is accompanied by two reference checks as well as a copy of the candidates' latest payslip and if so, required ITC checks are submitted with each application.

The respective Exact Network Connections consultant is in constant communication with the respective HR Recruiter regarding feedback and progress and if for any unforeseen reason extension is requested on late submission this will be done well before the deadline dates. Exact Network Connections contacts each candidate with regard to the outcome of their interview and this is done once feedback is received from our respective clients. In certain instances, face-to-face feedback is given to the respective candidates.